We love strong, vibrant, connected and happy communities and believe that there is no better way to create a better world than to join people together to do new stuff.

People’s Republic is our crowdfunding platform. We designed it to connect real communities and neighbourhoods with their digital counterparts, creating movements that transform the world.

Our Team

Danielle Beck, CEO

Danielle’s passion is people and takes a human centred approach to her work. She’s an expert in engagement and leadership development. She specialises in strategic planning, employee engagement and talent management, believing that understanding the individuals involved in any project is paramount to its success. Danielle has worked for public, private and 3rd sector organisations bringing in new innovative models, thinking into their processes and developing collaborative programmes of social innovation. @dan_beckster

Esther Foreman, Director

Esther has spent far too long building digital and physical communities to make the world a better place. She started her career at Shelter and has worked with NHF, HACT and Generation Rent, amongst others. In 2004, she set up her local Residents Association and has served on the board of PCHA and Genesis Housing Association. She lives in London and is a local community activist. @estherforeman

Jonathan May, Advisor

Jonathan holds a first class degree in Computer Science from King’s College, Cambridge. His passion is seeing young people, organisations and businesses succeed. In 2011 he founded the Hubbub network, which builds fundraising movements for the education and non-profit sectors, providing crowdfunding and social media technology and services to many of the UK’s leading institutions. @jonathan_may



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